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Rifle Hunting

Hunting in Africa is a privilege experienced by few and underestimated by many. To escape into the bush with a trusty rifle over your shoulder, is without a doubt, an unparalleled feeling.  We generally hunt on foot, depending on the ability of our client. In order to help us make your hunt unforgettable, it is important for all to know exactly what to expect.  When it comes to hunting in dense vegetation, especially with Buffalo, shot placement is crucial. Therefore, we highly recommend that you select a rifle/caliber/scope combination  you  are comfortable  with. In  other  words,  a  combination  you  can  shoot accurately, without excessive recoil. In their environment, these animals are survival specialists.

Only premium-grade bullets should be used.  Recommendations on different bullet types and grain weights may be corresponded via email, depending on the species targeted. Peregrine-VRG3,  Barnes  X,    Woodleigh,  Nosler  AccuBond  as  well  as  Swift  A-Frame  have delivered some good results in the past..30 Calibers and larger work well on plains game, combined with a good quality scope.  Keep in mind that shots may be taken at distances ranging from 50-150 yards, with Buffalo being the close distance exception, where we recommend a good-quality scope with a low-power variable  to  enable  a  quick  follow-up  shot  in  thick  brush,  with  .375  H&H  being  the  legal minimum caliber required.

For those who prefer not to go through the hassles of importing their own rifle(-s) or if you want to make any special arrangements for smaller calibers regarding children and/or women who want to partake in any hunting activities, we've got you covered. African Frontier Safaris own a variety of good quality rifles, all fitted with premium scopes ideal for the job. You’ll only have to pay for the ammunition, which will be supplied.

Hunting Season and Climate

Hunting  takes  place  year-round  in  the  South  African  Republic.  Of  course,  consideration should be given to the reversed seasons in the Southern Hemisphere.  February-April the vegetation  is  lush,  as  the  raining  season  comes  to  an  end.  The  daily  temperatures  are moderate to high, ranging from 28-40 degrees Celsius (82-104° F)  In June and July, it is mid-winter.  The daily temperatures may be around 15-20 degrees Celsius (59-68° F) but a cold front is not uncommon during this time of year.  At night it is cold with temperatures regularly below 0°C (32° F).  During this period, there are hardly any leaves on trees and bush, which results in good visibility.  The weather starts getting warmer again in mid-August.  September is the official start of Spring, with moderate daily temperatures, but still cool in the evenings.  At the beginning of October, the heat starts raising again, until January, which is mid-summer.

Our Lodge in the Marken area boasts with accommodation of very high standards, exclusively set aside to ensure our clients an enjoyable, private Safari. The rooms are comfortable and decorated to match our African culture.  Each room has its own en suite bathroom, fitted with a shower also a washbasin and a toilet.  All facilities have hot and cold running water, as well as electricity.Enjoy a break from the scorching sun, while reading up on some of the old African tales in our lounge, or take a splash in the swimming pool while sipping on a refreshing local drink
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