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Welcome to African Frontier Safaris

Your search for the ultimate African experience ends at a team of professional outfitters par excellence. In order to fully understand the true essence of nature, one has no other choice than to undertake an endeavour into the dark continent where an abundance of wildlife is still roaming the fields.

 African Frontier Safaris is based in the Marken area in the Northern parts of South Africa near the Limpopo River. The river marks the border between the Republic of South Africa and Botswana. The Luangwa Valley in Zambia, renowned for its exceptional Buffalo, is our largest concession area and provides a completely different experience than the ones in South Africa. We, therefore, invite you to take a closer look at the vast variety of options we have to offer, accustomed to everyone’s needs.

Book your next adventure with African Frontier Safaris and allow our qualified team of professionals to exceed your wildest expectations: A world-class Safari experience.

You can rely on us, for anything, from airport transfers to a relaxing sundowner after a successful day in the bush.

Rifle Hunting

Hunting in Africa is a privilege experienced by few and underestimated by many. To escape into the bush with a trusty rifle over your shoulder, is without a doubt, an unparalleled feeling. We generally hunt on foot, depending on the ability of our client. In order to help us make your hunt unforgettable, it is important for all to know exactly what to expect.

Wing Shooting

The Free State Province of South Africa offers some of the finest wing shooting grounds in the World and is home to a vast variety of species, found in healthy numbers. From the tiny Common Quail to the mighty Spur-winged Goose, it is without a doubt a hunter's paradise. Hunting Season starts 1st May up to and including 31st August.

Bow Hunting

When it comes to hunting wildlife in South Africa, bow hunting is considered to be the most satisfying method of all. It takes true hunting skills, preparation and patience to ensure the reward of that precious trophy animal you ultimately longed for. All our blinds are in an outstanding condition, exclusively set aside for Bow Hunting.

African Frontier Safaris might formally be known to be in the Professional Hunting industry, but we are without a doubt in the Conservation Industry at heart. We are there for obligated to protect and conserve our wildlife for generations to come and we only promote fair chase through ethical hunting. (Gen1:25-28). True sportsmanship and respect toward the animals should be maintained at all cost.
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